Matt Perez on going from a fiat hierarchy to a radical company without bosses or employees
Matt Perez realised that his successful career as a boss in a Silicon Valley tech company had made him a worse person and so he co-founded Nearsoft in 2007 to be a company that works for everyone. His recent book, Radical Companies Without Bosses or Employees, takes self-organisation one step furthe
Ep. 74
May 6, 2022
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Kate Beecroft on the critiques and possibilities of DAOs
Kate Beecroft works on ecosystem and community building at Centrifuge, the decentralised asset financing protocol. She has been involved in Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) since 2018 and brings to them her experience of self-managing organisations as the co-founder of Greaterthan and a
Ep. 73
Feb 24, 2022
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Swarnalakshmi Ravi on Inclusive Neighbourhood Children’s Parliaments
Swarnalakshmi Ravi is the former national prime minister of India's Inclusive Neighbourhood Children's Parliament. The children’s parliament movement is an example of how simple but effective governance principles and structures can make children’s voices heard and empower them to take collective ac
Ep. 72
Feb 9, 2022
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Marwa Farouq on new ways of working, diversity, equity and inclusion at Teach for All
Marwa Farouq leads the Global Operations Circle in Teach for All, which is a global network of partner organisations developing collective leadership to improve education and expand opportunity for all children. Marwa shares what she’s learned from exploring new ways of working at Teach for All, inc
Ep. 71
Jan 17, 2022
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Ravi Resck on social systems that foster win-win-win relationships
Ravi Resck was born to hippy parents in Brazil, became a computer network engineer, and then travelled the world as a guitarist, discovering a love of facilitation and social design. Today he goes by tags like hacktivist, org designer, facilitator, and systems mapper, sharing social technologies wit
Ep. 70
Jan 4, 2022
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A podcast exploring the emerging world of self-managing teams and progressive organisations Hosted by Lisa Gill


The Leadermorphosis podcast is transforming the world of work one conversation at a time. Join host Lisa Gill as she talks to practitioners, authors, and thinkers from all over the world who are at the cutting edge of new ways of working, leading, and being together. Each guest shares what they have learned on their journeys of reinventing organisations or helping to transform how we see the world. The aim? To inspire and embolden listeners to start experimenting, and act their way into a more decentralised, more human future of work.

“The Leadermorphosis podcast is the absolute gold standard of conversations about organisations.” – Richard D. Bartlett, co-founder of Loomio, The Hum and director of The Enspiral Foundation

Lisa Gill

Lisa was included in the Thinkers50 Radar 2020 for her work with self-managing teams and is the author of ‘Moose Heads on the Table: Stories About Self-Managing Organisations from Sweden’ (2020). She is an organisational self-management coach, trainer with Tuff Leadership Training and founder of Reimaginaire.

“Turning self-managed teams from a good idea into reality is a big challenge and Lisa Gill is leading the way in making it happen.” – Thinkers50

Leadermorphosis is powered by Tuff Leadership Training. Tuff trains people in the mindset and skills needed to lead in more involving ways and create working climates built on trust and openness, as well as helping organisations introduce or develop self-managing teams.

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