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Amy Edmondson on psychological safety and the future of work

...Lisa Gill: I think most listeners will perhaps know you from your book “Teaming” (2012) and your research on psychological safety. It’s been a number of years since you’ve been working with different teams and organisations aroun...more back to what you started talking about with your original interest in learning organisations… for me, a really useful model you have in your book “Teaming” that I share with people all the time is this four-box model about how to create what you call a “Learning Zone”. Because I think, especially when I...more
...e work and by the goal — and you feel that you wouldn’t be willing to hold back because this is a safe place to take risks. Source: Amy Edmondson’s “Teaming” Risk-taking by definition is going to involve some things going well, but some things not going well. That’s part of work in a volatile, uncertain,...more
...t your insights have been from the paper you wrote on self-managing organisations but also how it fits with your work around psychological safety and teaming. What can you share? AE: I love that work with Mike and Mike is continuing to do really interesting work in this domain. I’d say both of us were qui...more
...ious about in the future? AE: You know, I’m most curious about how do we take these research-based ideas, and that includes psychological safety and teaming and self-managing organisations… and maybe this will sound contradictory, but I really would like to develop more of a playbook. And of course, we’ve...more