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Edwin Jansen on how people adopt self-management at Fitzii

...y announce that they're doing this 'Role Advice Process' publicly, they ask some specific people to be advisors, but anyone can be an advisor, we use Loomio so that everyone can see all of the feedback and see the role as it's moving through, and the individual is essentially asked to understand themselve...more
...hey do a self-assessment first amongst those three things and then they just get a whole bunch of advice. And so often, it's just amazing to watch in Loomio as they're having conversation after conversation everyone's putting their notes and their feedback in there, you see this person's getting bounced a...more
...h, and then they go and get advice, and just like with the Role Advice Process, you can see all of the feedback and advice that people are getting in Loomio as they're going through, and there is a bit of pinball happening there as well and ultimately, a lot of fodder for personal development when if ther...more

Jorge Silva on horizontal structures and participatory culture at 10Pines

...t they don't disagree with the proposal, and this is important. And we also use, sometimes, advice processes - like in Laloux's book. And we also use Loomio, for the menial decisions and the more imperative decisions. This is the first practice that is important for us. The second one is: in order for yo...more

Alanna Irving on leadership, decisions and money in bossless organisations

...undergo to get us to a good place and strategy day facilitation run sheets and all this kind of stuff - and that's all really good. And that's in the Loomio Handbook for anybody who wants to use it. Whereas now I'm working with this team with Open Collective which is just way more free-form. It's a fully...more