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Jorge Silva on horizontal structures and participatory culture at 10Pines

... of all, I thought we could start by - you shared with me when we spoke before - you have quite a fun way of describing when you speak at events, how 10Pines is a little bit different, and why you're organised that way. So maybe you could share that with listeners to start with? Jorge Silva: Sure. Well, fi...more
... big fan of Leadermorphosis so it's an honour to be here. And thank you for introducing me. So I like to start talking with a game when I talk about 10Pines and how we see our business and the culture and company. And the game is about a fight with your thumbs. Lisa Gill: Yeah, thumb wars! Jorge Silva: ...more
... now... a lot of people. Lisa Gill: Yeah. And I guess that also brings challenges with it as you grow and so on. For listeners, if they came to visit 10Pines, I guess, pre pandemic - what would we notice? What would feel different? Jorge Silva: Well, in order to have an idea of how we work, I feel proud of...more
... can we transform for that? Because trust, I think, is the basis for every form of transformation in this model, right? So yeah - actually we say in 10Pines that we are based on trust. And every policy and everything is built from that. For example, one time, we had a really big discussion about... the me...more
...Lisa Gill: Yeah, I like the idea of distributing those responsibilities. I remember that in 10Pines, it's also possible for people - in addition to their day job, their normal role - that people can also choose to be coaches and coach other colleagu...more
...Lisa Gill: Yeah - what is your hope for 10Pines in the future? Jorge Silva: Well, one of my hopes or ambitions is to... it's not the best word right now because of the pandemic crisis, but to sprea...more

Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

...ere. So that's been really interesting. And then the example that I mentioned, kind of generically then, was a guy called Jorge from a company called 10Pines; he's in Buenos Aires (and he's going to be on the podcast himself soon). He reached out to say that he had been following the podcast for a couple o...more