Reinventing Organisations

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Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

...ion of trying to help reimagine companies and organisations: the way we work together, the way we learn together. And around about that time, I read 'Reinventing Organisations' by Frederic Laloux, which I know is for many of the guests I have on the podcast, a real entry point to a lot of this stuff - sort of a gateway. And...more
... how little I was involved in things that impacted me and I saw so much wasted potential - so I think that was the seed. And then reading books like 'Reinventing Organisations', I just became fascinated that this was possible and discovered all of these case studies and I just wanted more. My learning appetite sped up and t...more
...g that struck me when we met is that you're kind of exactly the same in person as on the podcast. So I guess that's the wholeness aspect ticked from 'Reinventing Organisations'. What are you passionate about? What are your interests outside of self-management and progressive orgs? Lisa Gill: I'm happy to hear that I'm the s...more
...e three stages of adopting self-management: the first being head - the kind of intellectual stage, and then the second being heart. Once you've read Reinventing Organisations, or once you've read these different books: Brave New Work, or blogs, or whatever it is, you kind of get it intellectually, but then there's this who...more

Beetroot’s founders on purpose, self-management, and shocking people with trust

...speaking at some different conferences, presenting our reverse hierarchy model, and so on, and then somebody asked: "Oh, you probably read this book, Reinventing Organisations and you decided to build your company that way?" And we were like: "Hmm. We didn't read that book but maybe we should" - so we did, and we realised t...more
... to this as some kind of religion. It's not a purpose by itself to always follow a textbook, if it's not a business school textbook, then it might be Reinventing Organisations or whatever, but it's not about that. Because when we presented this idea that now we are going teal and so on, it sometimes became something that pe...more

Edwin Jansen on how people adopt self-management at Fitzii

...Lisa Gill: You mentioned at the start of the conversation that when you read 'Reinventing Organisations' you realised some of the limitations or the tensions you were experiencing as a company were kind of Green or Orange limitations that were dependent...more
...ture and learning and development? And so I spent a lot of time doing all of these things. And then when later on, and we were at Fitzii and I read 'Reinventing Organisations', I realised you can't push values onto people, you can't force values onto people, you can't just because you put your purpose on the wall, and try ...more

Anna Elgh on self-managing teams and shifting conflicts at Svenska Retursystem

...he the starting point was actually when our partners at the Enneagram centre, they saw potential within SRS and they recommended us to read the book 'Reinventing Organisations' by Frederic Laloux and I know you interviewed him. And that was a real eye-opening for me because I didn't even know that these kinds of companies e...more

Frederic Laloux with an invitation to reclaim integrity and aliveness

...L Gill: I was reflecting earlier about the fact that your book, Reinventing Organisations, came out in 2014. And six years later, for me the world feels like it’s changed a lot. And I feel like the this new ways of working movement, I gue...more

Peter Koenig on source, money and consciousness

...Lisa Gill: Yeah, I'm kind of curious now, if listeners by this point, if perhaps some of them are fans of Frederick Laloux's book, 'Reinventing Organisations', they may already be squirming at some of the things we've talked about so far, because I know that when I first came across your work, there were q...more

Amy Edmondson on psychological safety and the future of work

... to do really interesting work in this domain. I’d say both of us were quite inspired by, and it’s not the first book we read, but Frederic Laloux’s ‘Reinventing Organisations’, and there are some very profound case studies in there. The self-managing organisation to me as a construct is much like the learning organisation ...more

Margaret Wheatley on leadership and Warriors for the Human Spirit teams or self organising organisations are nothing new, but it seems like there's, they're sort of trendy at the moment. And there are books like reinventing organisations, and then there are sort of systems like holocracy out there. But I speak to lots of people who feel like there's something missing - the kind of hum...more