South America

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Jorge Silva on horizontal structures and participatory culture at 10Pines

...that you've developed to other companies? Jorge Silva: Yeah. There are a lot of people interested in our way and we were creating a community here in South America and in Argentina. Some companies started to say, “Hey I want to do that, I want to do the same as you are. I'm interested in that.” So we were thinki...more
...Lisa Gill: I know that you're trying to gather other companies in South America that are organised in a similar way. And I know you have found a few, but you're hoping to find more. Do you think this way of working comes naturall...more
...rations are going to see life, to move with work. So, definitely, I think it's going to be the natural way of working. And in terms of Argentina and South America - yeah, we are trying to create a community here. I don't know if we have a lot of companies, but a lot of interesting people or people who are inter...more
... with my parents a lot about this. I think that the most important thing to solve here is to visualise that we exist. And that there are companies in South America that are working in this way. Because we have a lot of bibliographies and books and articles that come from the US and Europe and sometimes you tend ...more
...ope and sometimes you tend to think that this is only happening in the US, or this is only happening in Europe. But we have a lot of examples here in South America and we need other companies and people to know that they exist, in order to inspire them. So this is one of the drivers for the community. And the s...more's really hard for you to see this kind of content, right? So I think that we have to push more on that. And we are doing this in Argentina, and in South America. So I hope it's going to work. Lisa Gill: Yeah - that's why I'm so happy that you reached out to me, because I'm also always looking for stories that...more