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Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

...isions together), and I think people are bumping up against the limitations of that and really starting to feel what it actually takes to becoming a 'teal' organisation, or really embracing those threads of wholeness and self-management and evolutionary purpose. And I think I really liked the way that E...more
...purpose. And I think I really liked the way that Edwin Jansen from Fitzii framed it, where he said that at Fitzii they've been four years into their 'teal journey' I think, and he described these three stages of adopting self-management: the first being head - the kind of intellectual stage, and then th...more
...to do bingo and go on all the continents. And through that you'll find the different books and podcasts - Helen Sanderson has a podcast now: A Cup of Teal, which is brilliant, particularly examples in health and social care. And Aaron Dignan has a podcast now: the companion podcast of the book, Brave Ne...more

Peter Koenig on source, money and consciousness

...in some of his videos. What is your perspective on looking at source work in the context of Frederick Laloux's work in terms of orange and green, and teal? Peter Koenig: I'm not an expert on spiral dynamics, although I have a parallel system and I know, superficially. I love Frederick Laloux and his wor...more
...k that I'm supporting the orange and red levels, whereas I'm trying to get them to understand teals and the other level, so yellow, and turquoise and teal". And then I said to him, "Yeah I can totally understand the fear, but you know what's going to happen, don't you?" And he said, "What's going to hap...more
..., and when that happens, I think only when both of those shifts in those directions happen can you have a truly self-managing organisation or a truly teal organisation. That shift needs to happen in both of those different power dynamics, I think. Yes, again, totally agree with you....more

Aaron Dignan on being complexity conscious and people positive

...was going to create, like an integrated theory of all these different alternative ways to work. So you look at agile practice, and lean practice, and teal, and, you know, open organisation, and all these different kinds of grand theories about how we work. And they each have their own lexicon and their ...more
...t I think a few things. So one is, don't think about it as binary. So there's a there's a habit in this industry to think about it like you're either teal, or you're not, you're doing holacracy, or you're not, you're in or you're out, we're going to flip it, don't do that. I think you can. There can be ...more

Frederic Laloux with an invitation to reclaim integrity and aliveness

...deo in my video series, Insights for the Journey, was specifically about that. Like when people come to me and say, “I want to turn my company into a teal organisation.” And I go, “No, you don’t want to, please!” I don’t get excited about this. Who wants to become a concept? Right? But what is really e...more

Jorge Silva on horizontal structures and participatory culture at 10Pines

...things but you can't find another way. So you go to the classics. But if you start to see that there are a lot of other ways to do this - Sociocracy, Teal, Holacracy, whatever and we start creating content, this matters. Right now we have a lot of books, but if you go to school or to university, it's re...more