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Peter Koenig on source, money and consciousness

...And it was interesting to me to hear that you spent some time with some folks in the sociocracy world, and you applied the source work to the lens of consent-based decision making. So what would you say about decision making and how source work relates to that? Peter Koenig: Right. So if you understand tha...more
...ut what we'll see will happen is the moment they're clear and say, "We'll go this direction, I think now I'm clear", you will see there'll be instant consent, even consensus in the group. So I would reframe what is seemed to be happening there in many sociocratic groups, is that actually, it's a source get...more

Pasteur Byabeza on transitioning to self-management at Davis College

...ple are empowered by their structure, but they did not really seem to exercise their power to the fullest. And there is that tendency to want to seek consent, or approval from some individuals - mostly former managers. You see, part of this, I would say is because Africans lean on this African cultural per...more

Jorge Silva on horizontal structures and participatory culture at 10Pines

...jection is someone that strongly disagrees with the idea. And what we try to do is to integrate that objection into the proposal. So the first one is consent, and this is a powerful tool for us. Because what we try to do is not that everyone agrees, but they don't disagree with the proposal, and this is im...more

Edwin Jansen on how people adopt self-management at Fitzii

...ision-making, which I think she lifted from holacracy or someone did, but, wherever it came from, it's really great: it's a way for a group to make a consent-based decision and to really co-create a decision. So we ended up creating almost like a flowchart that we call 'The Sensing and Responding Flowchar...more

Aaron Dignan on being complexity conscious and people positive

... - things we're all allowed to do, things we're allowed to do with advice, and things that require an integrated decision where multiple perspectives consent to the decision. So you focus on the decisions themselves, rather than a hierarchy of people. In a traditional system, the hierarchy of people says a...more