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Pasteur Byabeza on transitioning to self-management at Davis College

...e of how things were. So self management - in a short period of time - has resulted in empowerment of every employee. There's more transparency, more accountability, more freedom to think differently. Things are rapidly processed because there is no more bureaucracy. Anyone can make important decisions - youcan l...more
... I said, it's very important to have access to information. So that was lesson two. Another very important lesson I've learned is that there is more accountability in a self manage team than in a traditional structure. So you probably know this misconception that in a self managed team people do as they feel, an...more of how you don't have classical supervision, for example, but here's our version of doing that. And actually, in many cases, you can show that the accountability is much stronger than the traditional supervisory. Pasteur Byabeza: Yes, that's true. And one more thing you need to know is that those agencies them...more

Jorge Silva on horizontal structures and participatory culture at 10Pines

...e tools. So you have to be proactive - the only thing that you have to do is to solve it. So proactivity is one of the skills that is necessary. And accountability is because this only works if you take responsibility for your actions, right? If you fail, you have to be humble, otherwise you will not learn and p...more
...ou take responsibility for your actions, right? If you fail, you have to be humble, otherwise you will not learn and people will not trust in you. So accountability is really important because we have a culture that we - in the bottom line - we have to be based on trust, so we worked really hard on trust and to c...more
...ou have a thorough recruitment process, have you found that some people join and find it challenging to adapt to this way of working – you know, high accountability, high responsibility? Jorge Silva: Well, yeah, sometimes what happens in our company is that we work with a lot of people that are in one of their fi...more

Amy Edmondson on psychological safety and the future of work

... this model I find is a very useful way of distinguishing that it’s not just psychological safety as in taking care of people, it’s also really about accountability and really relating to people as adults, as capable… AE: Yeah, in fact it’s the opposite of “making things comfortable.” I want people to be willing...more
...hools and people who are doing leadership trainings are practising it because I think those two polarities — psychological safety, and motivation and accountability — it’s both those things, not one or the other, that really creates an environment of learning and high performing teams. And that starts with thinki...more

Margaret Heffernan on how to act our way out of the status quo trap reason I'm going to put myself on the line to make it work for his success. So ownership of the decision, hugely determines the sense of personal accountability, as opposed to just kind of legal or corporate responsibility that people bring to their work. And you can see this when you look at the lives and wo...more

Peter Koenig on source, money and consciousness

...don't get done and there's this sort of shadow stuff going on, but we can't quite put a name on it and we don't quite know how to create a culture of accountability that doesn't look like the things that we're trying to reject, we don't know what power or authority or leadership looks like, if not the things that...more