Margaret Wheatley

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Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

...e that that makes. So I remember that one being a turning point for me in terms of the podcast. And a similar turning point I think, was speaking to Margaret Wheatley. And that's another one. I think it's the most downloaded episode that one, and it still challenges me. There's still almost like a dissonance in me ...more
...ess School, and you've had London Business School, Gary Hamel, and then the next week it might be Extinction Rebellion - fantastic, and Miki Kashtan, Margaret Wheatley, the creators of Liberating Structures and Holacracy, Corporate Rebels, Aaron Dignan, Enspiral, Ouishare: anybody who's anybody in the world of prog...more
...points for me are often the ones that I say, from a personal perspective: "Listen to these" - like the ones with Helen Sanderson and Miki Kashtan and Margaret Wheatley, are a couple that I think are easy ones to engage with, like, they're pretty resonant with most people....more
... because I think finding your fellow travellers, whether that's in your organisation, or outside your organisation, find your "islands of sanity", as Margaret Wheatley says, because you need that tribe. And I think to find people to learn with together and just to be so curious, and it's exploring whatever medium su...more

Frederic Laloux with an invitation to reclaim integrity and aliveness

...L Gill: Yeah, I think it was Margaret Wheatley who used the analogy of a spiderweb and connecting the system to more of itself. And that’s the way to solve the problem, rather than trying to add s...more