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Bill Fischer and Simone Cicero on Haier and the entrepreneurial organisation

... videos that I’ve seen as also quite a humble person. And he talks about having a faith in people who are closest to the market and relating to their potential. So I’m curious on what your thoughts are about Zhang Ruimin how he as a CEO is able to hold the space for this organisation to evolve and to be the...more
...he said, “but that’s what we set out to accomplish right from the start, we set out to free up the energies and knowledge within to fulfil the talent potential of the organisation. And if it means people taking control of their destiny and heading off on their own, so be it. That was the goal.” And I was st...more
...xpressing himself, but also the commitment to this ideal — which is an ideal that I think we should all be associated with and that is freeing up the potential of people in large complex organisations and small, not so complex organisations as well. ...more
...a way to attract the entrepreneurs, because entrepreneurs will be able to do enterprise outside of the organisation — everybody knows that. **Now the potential of individuals and small teams is skyrocketing [compared to] to the past. And now the question is really about as an organisation and as a brand, how...more
...prises (profit or loss); setting leading goals (being above average and being leaders in the market, becoming the number one); and unlocking people’s potential. **This is the simplified version that you can, you can use. And of course, you know, there will be challenges because China and the West today are ...more
...so technology. So essentially, it’s probably the one organisation on earth at the moment where capitalism and technology are playing at their highest potential. So the problem with technology, we know it very well. And so the question is, is there a risk that you just create an organisation this is a master...more
...w we transcend, modernity, it’s an open question…not just for Haier, it’s an open question for our civilisation. And Haier is one place where I see a potential to start, you know, to see some sparks of how we really just transcend the industrial organisation and modernity into something that goes beyond. Yo...more
... preparing people for this. We prepare them for the historical model, which is a lot more constrained. So my hope is that we recognise the tremendous potential that’s available within human ingenuity. And we go about creating mechanisms to free it up. And I think Haier is one way to do that. RenDanHeYi is on...more
...draconian in the way in which it operates. But on the other hand, there’s the capacity, I think, a greater capacity to understand the capability and potential of an individual because you’re in a small group setting, you’re in a team setting, and your evaluations are based on a holistic impression… so my se...more

Peter Koenig on source, money and consciousness

...lways easy to convince people about that I agree with you and my experience is that if people really have such a strong sense of ideology around this potential sharing, if it comes to the point where there's no inroads, then they just have to have their own experience of that, until they come to the limit. I...more
...ves as we are and we see the beauty of using what we may have judged before as parts of ourselves, as not being 'me', but see that everything has its potential use. And that's another aspect. But in a different way, I can come to the subject of source from that aspect of developing my own inner source becomi...more
... what we want? Is that in service of my purpose or our purpose together or not? And in terms of talking about the money work, I think there is great potential there and I think it is a learning edge for people exploring new ways of working to really interrogate our relationship to money. So I guess, on that...more
... a learning edge for people exploring new ways of working to really interrogate our relationship to money. So I guess, on that front, in terms of the potential for teams, to reinvent how they do salaries, for example, or how they distribute money, I'm wondering if you could share, what are some of the lesson...more
...one level don't want to look at at all, because you've deposited it so deeply in your shadow. On the other hand, you're opening up an enormous bag of potential -energetic potential, to realise things that wouldn't be realisable for you otherwise. So this is why first of all, it demands a certain level of in...more
...to look at at all, because you've deposited it so deeply in your shadow. On the other hand, you're opening up an enormous bag of potential -energetic potential, to realise things that wouldn't be realisable for you otherwise. So this is why first of all, it demands a certain level of inner work, consciousne...more

Nand Kishore Chaudhary from Jaipur Rugs on love, collective consciousness and self-management

...ch of the West, if this comes together, will give birth to a new humanity. India as a country is a huge talent goldmine, and to harness this enormous potential, self-management would be the key. The youth of new India is highly passionate and all they need is love, direction, and freedom....more
...Lisa Gill: So it sounds like what you're saying is that there's great potential in India and a uniting of some of the ideas, some of the spirituality, perhaps of the East with the more scientific approaches of the West, could rea...more
...ap into this younger generation that's coming through in India... In general, it sounds like what you're saying is: human beings in general have this potential to be more conscious, to be more human, that we don't have to separate who I am at work so much from who I am with my family and so on. Is that what ...more
... how this organisation should be, but also how life should be. So you have this remarkable vision, but also humility. I think that you really see the potential and the best in everyone. So I'm curious to learn a little bit more about these philosophies that you feel passionate about. Where did these come fro...more

Miki Kashtan on the three shifts needed for self-managing organisations to thrive

... people to develop and get skilled at in order to have communication that's more human, more adult-adult. So what for you is most inspiring about the potential of Nonviolent Communication in organisations and in self management? Miki Kashtan: Thank you. I think in the moment, as you're asking this, what come...more
... to do, you will need force to keep them in place. This is this starts with socialisation and continues with management. So that's that's the biggest potential that I see is it is a revised organising principle that if we declare that all our actions are designed to attend to needs as best as we know how, as...more

Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanowicz on acting your way into a new kind of organising with Liberating Structures

...preciation. It takes a good amount of practice, and probably, you know, a reasonable amount of insight and imagination or whatever, to really see the potential of those structures. And to see how they could transform the way an organisation functions in work on an ongoing basis, on any number of different di...more
...il you do that a bunch of times you don't really appreciate the difficulties involved for the participant. And what to do to do it well, etc. and the potential. You don't, you can't imagine the contribution that those structures can make until you actually experience it. Because it doesn't make sense. It's l...more

Pasteur Byabeza on transitioning to self-management at Davis College

...ement has come along with. That contentment, in that the need to, you know, do something more - to be creative, to innovate, the need to utilise your potential to the fullest. You see all of that, and many other things that I don't mention are things that have come along with this shift to self management. A...more

Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

...always frustrated when I was an employee: how little autonomy I had and how little I was involved in things that impacted me and I saw so much wasted potential - so I think that was the seed. And then reading books like 'Reinventing Organisations', I just became fascinated that this was possible and discover...more

Aaron Dignan on being complexity conscious and people positive

...system. The complex system is like traffic or weather or raising a six year old or gardening. And that is, you know, more unpredictable - it has the potential to surprise us. It has a disposition, it has a way of trending. But we can't be exactly sure about what will happen if we do this versus do that. And...more