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Anna Elgh on self-managing teams and shifting conflicts at Svenska Retursystem

...from Tuff Training - I had very good help from from Karin Tenelius of course. I think personally for me, it has really been a challenge to have the patience and not to step forward when the organisation is asking for structure and decisions. And I mean, this is really something that I have done in all my ...more
...Lisa Gill: Yeah, I really like what you say there about waiting for everyone to step into responsibility. And you mentioned before about patience. And I think a lot of times I talked to CEOs or senior leaders who are frustrated there are pockets of the organisation that are really on board and ...more
... people just need to be told what to do or maybe this isn't working. And I think holding on and having that faith that it will happen and having that patience that it takes different amounts of time for different people - there's so much unlearning to do and new ways of being to practice, that if you could ...more
...nk you are back in the hierarchical way of thinking. So if I have to give an advice, it's really about staying calm and to be brave, and to have the patience and trust the process. And eventually things get better - I've seen that myself, and to relate to the people as competent and adults to take the deci...more

Pasteur Byabeza on transitioning to self-management at Davis College

...ot I can say, but I would say it's obvious to believe that some people can resist some changes. So I would say our institution has exercised a lot of patience, and hopefully it will pay off. So of course, there are many other challenges, but that's actually the main one. Another challenge that I believe we...more