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Nand Kishore Chaudhary from Jaipur Rugs on love, collective consciousness and self-management

...Lisa Gill: I've read about Jaipur Rugs that love is quite a key part of your vision and how you work. What does love mean to you in the context of your business? NK Chaudhary: For me love means that...more
...Lisa Gill: I've read about Jaipur Rugs that love is quite a key part of your vision and how you work. What does love mean to you in the context of your business? NK Chaudhary: For me love means that if I allow myself, it starts overflowing and reaches the others, bu...more
... Rugs that love is quite a key part of your vision and how you work. What does love mean to you in the context of your business? NK Chaudhary: For me love means that if I allow myself, it starts overflowing and reaches the others, but my experience is it will only overflow if you love yourself....more
... Chaudhary: For me love means that if I allow myself, it starts overflowing and reaches the others, but my experience is it will only overflow if you love yourself....more
...ire people who are highly sensible and purpose-driven. People who don't require to be managed, people with empathy, creativity, and who are driven by love, passion and not by fear. To develop respect for the weavers, there are many initiatives where we are bringing our professionals and weavers together...more
... where new joiners go to the home of weavers in the villages and live with them and be with them and help them in their work. This brings in a lot of love and empathy which results in a heart to heart connection with each other. We are also working to create a rite of passage, Harvard Professionals, mak...more
... goldmine, and to harness this enormous potential, self-management would be the key. The youth of new India is highly passionate and all they need is love, direction, and freedom....more
...r. Chaudhary, because when I've had conversations with you, and I've read articles, you come across as such a presence, you have this real warmth and love that emanates from you in terms of your leadership. And it strikes me that you have this very clear vision of of how this organisation should be, but...more
...dly. But one of my friends suggested to me that tribals are innocent people, and they have been exploited by the outsiders. So if you treat them with love, they will become your most loyal force. So I decided to move to Gujarat, where I stayed for eight years. In this period, I had the opportunity to tr...more
... train and develop a network of about 15,000 tribal women in the art of rug weaving. Initially, I faced challenges working with them. But I knew that love, empathy and respect could make the relationship much easier. In just a matter of three or four years they started to respect me as a guide. It was t...more
...Lisa Gill: That's a really interesting story. It seems like even before you had that realisation, that somehow you had this unconditional love as a philosophy, where did that come from? Have you had that since childhood? NK Chaudhary: Yes, if I remember, I had this in childhood. But I think ...more our weavers and when they started talking about the Jaipur Rugs business model, then I realised, for the first time in my life, that I'm driven by love....more
...mproving the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid, so to speak, and Jaipur Rugs has been incredibly successful as a result of this very deep, love-driven mission. So what's next, what would you like to see happening? NK Chaudhary: My future vision for Jaipur Rugs is to create the best artisan pr...more
...: I'm wondering if you've ever been challenged by people from more traditional organisations, for example, who say, "Well, Mr. Chaudhary, all of this love and compassion stuff sounds lovely. But what about business results? Does this really make a difference? And do I really have time to be doing all of...more
...ife, everybody was telling me the same thing, that "Mr. Chaudhary uou are a very good person, but a very, very bad businessman. You talk always about love, empathy and that doesn't work in business. But the growth I see in my business in the last 12 years is a surprise to the whole world. And I think it...more
...l phenomenon when our customers, and people go to see our weavers. When they see their happiness and when they see all these people are driven by the love. And they also see it makes perfect business sense. Because Jaipur Rugs loves them and they are paying back to the customer. We gave all our weavers ...more
...r weavers are taking care of all these criteria and that is why our customer is so happy. And that is why our brand is such a luxurious brand. People love to buy the Jaipur Rug carpets due to this philosophy. So I think love makes perfect business sense to satisfy the customer needs....more
...stomer is so happy. And that is why our brand is such a luxurious brand. People love to buy the Jaipur Rug carpets due to this philosophy. So I think love makes perfect business sense to satisfy the customer needs....more
...ause the more you lose yourself, the more you will find yourself. The problem is not outside, but inside. And it begins with you. Second, people need love, direction and freedom. Self-management is about empowering the frontline and the doers. We must not forget that they are the heroes and kings of the...more
... had two webinars with IIT, IAM, they are the best colleges in India. And when I was talking about my life journey, and when I was talking about this love and consciousness, I found that most of the students, they chased me so badly. This is the first time at college, the first time in their life where ...more

Peter Koenig on source, money and consciousness

...ople on a linear production line with job descriptions, who actually do need to be told precisely what to do it and when to do it, and so forth. So I love what you're saying. Exactly. It is a paradigm shift and it needs to be, in a sense, this is what we're doing with the source work, we're in training...more
...ually creating the flattening of the organisation which is the ideal of those who died ideologically, wanting that, we are actually doing that. So I love the way you're describing it. That's the paradox we're in here, and you can only really understand it through having the consciousness that understan...more
...rms of orange and green, and teal? Peter Koenig: I'm not an expert on spiral dynamics, although I have a parallel system and I know, superficially. I love Frederick Laloux and his work. And actually, thanks to Tom who you've mentioned, he actually came the first time we met to one of my, I call, 'Source...more
...ommittee", etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. When you go to a source person with your pet project and you recognise that they are in this line, they will love you from the start just for the simple recognition, because they may not be recognised of all the responsibility they actually are taking, very often...more
...ut it's actually to say, "Actually, I am a violent man". And it's okay to be violent. It's okay. There's a part of me that is also Donald Trump and I love being Donald Trump. So it's like reclaiming these parts to ourselves one by one, as this is how my money work works. We use money to look at the par...more
..., including violence, when it's appropriate, to realise our mission and our purpose in life and actually, it becomes transmuted into an expression of love. So we're more loving to ourselves, we're not trying to suppress, we accept ourselves as we are and we see the beauty of using what we may have judge...more

Frederic Laloux with an invitation to reclaim integrity and aliveness

...yard that would end up becoming these carpets that people would use for a few years and then they would end up in the landfill. And what what I still love about him is that he said, “I should be in jail. I’m celebrated as this hero entrepreneur, but I’m actually plundering the earth.” He was using very...more
...ment team was pretty uncomfortable, and they were making jokes and saying , “What are we gonna do? You’re gonna raise sheep now, are you?” And what I love is that he said, “I have no answer. But I know that this is not what I want to do.” And he set, extraordinary ambitious goals. Like he said, “The on...more
...this is the deal. This is what’s going on. I have no idea what to do about this, but I don’t feel good about it. I need your help.” F Laloux: People love you for that. Like, Nicolas Hennon’s experience was 1,500 messages when he left. ...more
...Okay, now we’re talking, now we know, and this is real energy.” So I couldn’t agree more with you. I mean, I am a bit of a systems geek, right? And I love to think about these systems like, you know, how could self-managing systems work… but ultimately, this is all just in service to some deep yearning ...more
...or a shameless plug for these videos. I’ve been really bad at marketing these videos because I’m just generally bad at marketing. A lot of people who love the book and have been inspired by it don’t know that this video series exists. So there’s a video series of 130 videos that I created after the boo...more

Amy Edmondson on psychological safety and the future of work

...aper you wrote on self-managing organisations but also how it fits with your work around psychological safety and teaming. What can you share? AE: I love that work with Mike and Mike is continuing to do really interesting work in this domain. I’d say both of us were quite inspired by, and it’s not the ...more
... skills, the human piece, as opposed to the practices, structures, processes. So I think that’s a really valuable dimension to talk about. AE: And I love how you just put that because to me that’s exactly right. There’s the structures, systems, tools and then there’s the human. And they both are equall...more
...ce is how you wanna respond emotionally. And to illustrate, you can sprain your ankle. That is really a drag, especially if you’re an athlete and you love to be active. And you can respond by saying: “This is the end of the world,” or “I’m miserable” or “This is not how I wanted this semester to go.” Or...more
... because our lines of sight are not that long. When the pace of change picks up, you just can’t see quite as far into the future. And that’s Agile. I love the notion of Agile and I think everybody recognises that we need to be agile, we need to be vigilant, we need to be quick, we need to be willing to ...more

Miki Kashtan on the three shifts needed for self-managing organisations to thrive

... it continues to escalate, under what conditions, in what ways, for what purpose? How do you mitigate for consequences? How do you do it with as much love as possible? All of these things, every group needs to work out. That's not at all the only system, I said, there are five of them. There are more sy...more
...tant to me, this is my perception, this is what I observed. This is not the truth, just taking full ownership of the truth and saying it with as much love and care as possible. So not compromising on the truth, but finding a way to say it that will care for the impact on another person. And then asking ...more
...Lisa Gill: Thank you for that. Yeah, as you say we are coming to the end of our time together when I feel there's so many other things I would love to have talked about... So I guess in closing thoughts, then, what would be one piece of advice that you would give to listeners who are on some kind...more

Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

... quite a creative person, quite an artistic person outside of work stuff and I guess I've drawn on a lot of that in my work as well. Yeah, and I also love food; I'm a big foodie, and pre-Coronavirus I also loved to travel a lot. So yeah, and that's also I think partly because I grew up in Southeast Asia...more
...r, if you're in the middle of an organisation, I still think that you have some power and agency to do some trojan mice experiments, and that's why I love Liberating Structures; that you can always influence things and be intrapreneurial: "Why is this important to me? What could be possible if we did th...more

Buurtzorg and the power of self-managed teams of nurses

...It's a business model that's inspired people all over the world, because it's achieved incredible cost savings. And patients and employees, of course love it because the relationship and the quality of care is much better. And employees feel like they can do meaningful work again, and they can be human ...more
...on't need a manager. Marian: We have had in the other organisation so many managers. Chila: They were only a pain in the ass. Sorry! Lisa Gill: No, I love it! [Laughing] It's great. Chila: You can go edit it. Jolanda: You get progression of learning how you have to deal with problems. And you find out t...more

Bill Fischer and Simone Cicero on Haier and the entrepreneurial organisation

...fferences are big depending on how you run small micro-enterprises which turn out to be programme projects. And my sense is that that works great. We love it because we don’t have tenure, we’ve all given up lifetime commitments at other schools, and this is a very entrepreneurial way to work but it’s al...more

Margaret Wheatley on leadership and Warriors for the Human Spirit

...lder people and older women who want to continue to make a contribution. It's now - we're attracting more people in their 30s and 40s. But I actually love the fact that we have a majority of older women who want to bring their presence and their wisdom of all these years of experience in service to this...more

Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanowicz on acting your way into a new kind of organising with Liberating Structures

... the world. In every domain too, you didn't say the normal. Usually Henri doesn't have a small hope for the world. It's everywhere, for everyone. I'd love to chat more about schools. So I've had a few experiences with schools now. Mostly higher education, more than a few experiences, and even some high ...more

Aaron Dignan on being complexity conscious and people positive

...nd then we say, you know, the five biggest challenges are lack of trust, and lack of this lack of that, because those were the average winners. But I love the old joke - Jeff Bezos walks into a bar and the average income is $100 million a year. But that's not true, right? That's not what's really going ...more