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Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

... something together. So I think my hope is that we'll see more of that. And I think also I'm really interested to see how things develop in terms of governance and the legal structures of companies, because I think those are really not fit for purpose. And at the moment, a lot of organisations are having to ...more
...Mark Eddleston: Yeah, and there's already some interesting examples of organisations that have different governance structures and approaches. So what are some of the ones that that you look to as examples of how it could be? Lisa Gill: Yeah, well, I know that there are a few...more
...nds, and they're doing some clever things. It's not my area of expertise but I know that there are some cool things going on about how you can set up governance structures from the beginning so that almost like the company's purpose is boss, and everything is about filling that rather than accumulating wealth for a few ...more

Ruth, Taryn and Philippa from Mayden, a health tech company that’s Made Without Managers

... limited company, we have a governing body, which is our board of directors. And so they are there within a purpose and have value there, just in the governance side of things. But also, a lot of what we do is through collaboration and around discussing with staff and working groups that get together around a...more

Margaret Heffernan on how to act our way out of the status quo trap

...d, and it's really slow. And it's pretty labor intensive. But it's got to be done. And if we can do it, we will learn a lot more about management and governance, than we knew when we so horribly failed to alert people to the crisis when there was still a lot more time than there is now. ...more

Michael Y. Lee on lessons from researching self-managing organisations

...ickier, because you're asking people to take a lot more responsibility and to think about bigger things. It's not that everyone has to be involved in governance, but you're asking people to a much greater extent to be interested in those things, or the organisation as a whole. And so if you don't care about w...more

Alanna Irving on leadership, decisions and money in bossless organisations we could understand and get to know in different ways. We were very much in the habit of taking everything and deconstructing it and saying, 'Oh, governance - let's deconstruct that and rebuild it in a different way', or, 'Oh, company structures...'. We were in a very experimental mode and so quite natura...more