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Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanowicz on acting your way into a new kind of organising with Liberating Structures

...ll: I feel like there's so much more we could talk about. And I think maybe we have to have a whole other conversation about Liberating Structures in education, because that's something that's also really interesting. But we've mentioned that you now have this growing global community of Liberating Structure...more
... 1-2-4-All, you know, how complicated is that? Or Troika Consulting, and that kind of thing. And so, so what I hope is that - you were talking about education - what I hope is that teachers will use them routinely, starting at the lowest level in school, and that kids will get exposed to them as a result of...more
...hope for the world. It's everywhere, for everyone. I'd love to chat more about schools. So I've had a few experiences with schools now. Mostly higher education, more than a few experiences, and even some high school elementary. It's pretty easy to introduce these things. But one school in particular, Kaospi...more
... people, the students a chance to organise their own learning, truly from the ground up. I never went to an alternative school, I didn't shape my own education, I had some more freedom than most people. But this took my breath away. And it gave me confidence that young people can pick this up at the speed th...more

Jos de Blok on Buurtzorg and the virtues of humanising, not protocolising

...e you're working? It's so important that you don't wear a mask or you're not somebody else - no, it's you. You have your qualities, your skills, your education, and you're doing it the best way you can do it, but it can be different than another one. So all these things, I think it's creating a continuous ki...more
...ger, 30 years, are inside of all these people. So it's not so easy to say, from one to another day: "Oh, it's not there anymore". No. You did the MBA education so you have all these records in your head and you don't know yet what the new pattern will be. So there is a transformation on a personal level, the...more
...east they should understand), the people - how they feel about their daily work. That's the beginning". Language for me feels like when I did the MBA education, I thought it helped me to understand how leaders and managers think. But on the other hand it's strange that when they are all using the same langua...more

Pasteur Byabeza on transitioning to self-management at Davis College

...igher learning institution, we operate under directives that are set by our regulators. Our main regulatory institution is called the Higher Learning Education Council, the Rwandan Higher Learning Education Council. This is a government agency. So we knew that reorganising our structure could potentially cre...more
...rectives that are set by our regulators. Our main regulatory institution is called the Higher Learning Education Council, the Rwandan Higher Learning Education Council. This is a government agency. So we knew that reorganising our structure could potentially create some skepticism from their side. So that's ...more

Nand Kishore Chaudhary from Jaipur Rugs on love, collective consciousness and self-management

...a Gill: Yeah, thank you for sharing. I think so many organisations out there, when they hire people who have come from business school or traditional education or other companies, it's really difficult for them to adapt to a different way of working, which, as you say, involves unlearning. So I just -love th...more
...if they hadn't met you, they might perhaps go quite a while before ever experiencing that kind of perspective. And I really think we need to reinvent education, as well as our organisations because they go hand in hand. So it's good to know that you're spreading these messages into into these top schools as ...more

Michael Y. Lee on lessons from researching self-managing organisations's clearly a big gap between the theory and the practice. So what are your thoughts on how we can support people as someone who's coming from the education world, for example? How can we train and develop future leaders of organisations with these leadership skills, given that it's not happened yet? Mich...more
... question has been around for, I think, centuries as well and I'm partial to the work of American philosopher, John Dewey, who I think his philosophy education was very much about how do we educate individuals to be co-creators of this social life? And I think that in many ways his ideas, while they inspired...more

Beetroot’s founders on purpose, self-management, and shocking people with trust

...g, which in a way is an advantage because people don't have as much experience perhaps, of really hierarchical workplaces. And yet, I think still the education system and my understanding is the culture generally in Ukraine is quite hierarchical, so there's still some unlearning to do there I think, and I th...more
...m: I can maybe comment first on the overall educational system and what with what luggage people come into the organisation. So most of the Ukrainian education system has a, you could call it, 'Soviet legacy', which means it's very fact-based, it's not based on you taking various initiatives and so on. That'...more

Margaret Heffernan on how to act our way out of the status quo trap

...hey really understand their choices, so that they're really genuinely involved, and by their involvement, become better educated. And by their better education, start to understand how to make good choices. And this can come back to your theme of self management. This absolutely cannot be done by handing dow...more

Bill Fischer and Simone Cicero on Haier and the entrepreneurial organisation

...xperienced before in your professional life. So, if you think about the broader ecosystem in which Haier exists — we don’t do a very good job in the education or training world, preparing people for this. We prepare them for the historical model, which is a lot more constrained. So my hope is that we recogn...more

Peter Koenig on source, money and consciousness

... because this kind of collaboration, once again, one we haven't learned, we haven't been educated in, in, let's say, the conventional paradigm of our education. What we've learnt in terms of collaboration is like on a production line. You get a half-produced product, or a quarter-produced product from your l...more