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Bill Fischer and Simone Cicero on Haier and the entrepreneurial organisation

...ecially if you’re a manager. And often when there’s a transformation an organisation, like Zappos or organisations that transform into something more decentralised — it can be very difficult for former managers to make that shift, to unlearn that conditioning of being responsible, solving problems for other peop...more
...ant to achieve. And so that’s the role of technology, I think, in this organisation. B Fischer: So the opposite of centralisation is not necessarily decentralisation, right? Which is what they’re doing. But I sort of see the technology part as an enabler, that the technology makes it easier to do these things, but...more
... insights that we can take from the Haier model? So people listening to this podcast tend to be people who are interested in self-management or more decentralised ways of working, or maybe they’re in a totally bureaucratic public sector organisation and wanting some kind of antidote or lifeline. So yeah, I real...more

Margaret Heffernan on how to act our way out of the status quo trap

...e in theory up for experimenting or transforming. And they overestimate their ability to be empowering or up for the change that's going to come with decentralisation. For me your work was so helpful, because it represents the business case for why traditional power hierarchies can be so problematic - because we're...more

Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

...m in the process of having some follow up conversations with some of the guests, because I'm really interested in all of these organisations that are decentralised and are, I guess, much more intentional about how they work and how they are together. I think these organisations will be much more resilient, will ...more