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Margaret Wheatley on leadership and Warriors for the Human Spirit that in a moment. But my belief was, all you had to do was present the evidence and this exciting new paradigm which promised increased levels of creativity, increased levels of wonder, which is a very important component as we do our work as we live our lives we could be in a state of wonder right now we...more
...'ll try and destroy you. And I'm just speaking organizationally even. And yet, we have the same wonderful effects on people's motivation, engagement, creativity, if we can create these islands of sanity. I am finding, and let me just say one thing about sanity, I define sane leadership, as the unshakable conf...more
...ons for organisation through everything the new sciences taught us. But we're recreating the conditions for people to re-discover, and exercise their creativity. And it is an island because it's so different than what's going on now in this greater tumultuous sea, that we're all engulfed in....more
... a kind of liberation, there's a kind of, 'I'm just gonna go for it', you know - 'I'm just gonna do it'. And there's a lot more energy and a lot more creativity, but it's a hard sell. You know, we're so driven by hope. Our whole culture is driven by goals and hopes and expectations. So, I would say those thre...more
...uch more in touch with being humans, working together on behalf of the human spirit, on behalf of her realisation that everyone possesses talents and creativity. Everyone wants to belong. Everyone wants to learn at some level. But it becomes much smaller, much more immediate and direct. So my website has a lo...more

Michael Y. Lee on lessons from researching self-managing organisations

...ntly restrictive and coercive, when in reality, I think it's much more about structures can actually be very empowering. So we know from research and creativity, that constraints actually facilitate creativity - if we have a completely blank canvas, that can be very paralysing. But once we have some sense of ...more
... think it's much more about structures can actually be very empowering. So we know from research and creativity, that constraints actually facilitate creativity - if we have a completely blank canvas, that can be very paralysing. But once we have some sense of the frame in which we can operate, that actually ...more

Gary Hamel on busting bureaucracy for good

...growth. It leaves a lot of people at work physically, but without much of their emotional selves. They're not their imagination, their passion, their creativity. So we have a long way to go and I'm under no illusions of how difficult this is because as a social system, a social structure, bureaucracy is one o...more
..., cook dinner - that's kind of sterile. And pretty soon your partner is going understand that you're going through a set of motions, there's not the creativity, there's not the authenticity. So I really do think you have to start with the principles. Now, can you look across a menu of practices and say, 'wel...more

Bernadette Wesley on bridging inner and outer transformation

... trust in teams? Those kinds of things. And then the fifth is that bridge to the outer with 'acting'. How do we drive change? That sense of courage, creativity, optimism and perseverance that might be needed to get behind what it is you're here to do, and where you want to contribute, what you want to stewar...more

Ruth, Taryn and Philippa from Mayden, a health tech company that’s Made Without Managers

...conversation or support the flow of the conversation. I used to work with a lot of creative people, and I used to say to myself that structure breeds creativity. But it's not necessarily a rigid structure, it's about having - I always have a picture of almost a paddock in which you can keep a horse, you know,...more

Pasteur Byabeza on transitioning to self-management at Davis College

...xamples of those signs? Pasteur Byabeza: Yes, I would say that people are more content - I see a lot of job satisfaction. We've already seen signs of creativity within our team. We've seen that it's better when everybody can hold anyone on the team accountable. We've seen that when there is more information f...more

Nand Kishore Chaudhary from Jaipur Rugs on love, collective consciousness and self-management

...'. We decided that we shall only hire people who are highly sensible and purpose-driven. People who don't require to be managed, people with empathy, creativity, and who are driven by love, passion and not by fear. To develop respect for the weavers, there are many initiatives where we are bringing our profes...more

Bill Fischer and Simone Cicero on Haier and the entrepreneurial organisation

...e or two pearls of wisdom with listeners, what would they be? S Cicero: Well, I think that it’s never too late to become entrepreneurial. Knowledge, creativity is asymmetric. Again, you need to put all of yourself into something to create, something new and you cannot have a clear path, an algorithm to calcu...more

Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis nowadays it's become my world, entirely. It took a while to transition into that but I was always interested in how can we tap into the collective creativity and intelligence of people because I was always frustrated when I was an employee: how little autonomy I had and how little I was involved in things ...more

Alanna Irving on leadership, decisions and money in bossless organisations

...n mainstream society has been developed for a reason and when you throw those things out, things get messy. But other things are just huge weights on creativity, and lifting those things off can really open up possibilities....more