Bottom Up

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Bill Fischer and Simone Cicero on Haier and the entrepreneurial organisation

...create asymmetric risks. **So I think this is really one clear and key aspect of, of the system. B Fischer: And what I think is that everybody wants bottom-up type of innovation because we feel that there’s more energy and people are closer to the customer…and I agree with that. **But what I’ve seen in so m...more
...elf-confident, courageous, top management, you’re not going to get that because it’s only a visionary, self-confident top management that can unleash bottom-up suggestions and not take them as threats. **And so, you know, I think in a sense, Zhang Ruimin really plays that role very well, because he is self-c...more

Peter Koenig on source, money and consciousness

...adigm shift from parent-child dynamics in organisations to more adult to adult, and part of that is not just a 'top-down' transformation, but also a 'bottom-up' transformation, (if I can say that way, which is also a little bit outdated). But in a sense, the people who have had traditional roles of power, l...more

Alanna Irving on leadership, decisions and money in bossless organisations

...eader of a team but in an environment without that coercive positional hierarchy. So what does that look like? I think it's facilitative leadership, bottom-up leadership, servant leadership, there are lots of terms coined to gesture at that whole area. And that includes things like facilitating good communi...more

Gary Hamel on busting bureaucracy for good

...l that challenging. And I would say just one last kind of precondition - that whatever the process, it has to be emergent. It has to in some sense be bottom up - you have to create a coalition of the willing. Thirdly, because bureaucracy works after a fashion, whatever you do you have to be careful that you...more