Tuff Leadership Training

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Anna Elgh on self-managing teams and shifting conflicts at Svenska Retursystem

...eeting Tuff and seeing what that partnership could look like. When you started that next phase or chapter of the journey, I guess you could say, with Tuff Leadership Training, what were you hoping for in terms of what support were you looking for to help you on this journey? Anna Elgh: I think what we were looking for was ...more
...e about working climate and how important that is and how you can shift it together? Anna Elgh: We have adopted the methods that we have learned with Tuff Leadership Training about "putting the moose heads on the table" and also everyone has gone to training, some have not yet done it, but we have a cooperation over three ...more
...erson also from the ones who you decided you wanted to get feedback from. So that's why we're also doing a lot of feedback training now together with Tuff Leadership Training and that's good because we're really getting everyone to train on this during quite a short period. I think that would help us on the journey....more

Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

...work, and then my consulting and coaching work started to move in that direction more specifically. And then I met Karin Tenelius the co-founder of 'Tuff Leadership Training' in January 2016 and learned about how she had been helping transform companies to become self-managing since the 90s, and she and I started to write...more
... to write a book together about the stories of ten or so companies she'd transformed and in the process of that I became a trainer with her company: 'Tuff Leadership Training'. And so nowadays it's become my world, entirely. It took a while to transition into that but I was always interested in how can we tap into the coll...more