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Aaron Dignan on being complexity conscious and people positive

...Lisa Gill: Aren't we all? I think the human brain just likes it. I think the first time I came across your work, and The Ready in general was reading about the OS Canvas. And that was when I first heard about this model of of organisations and their operating system. And I th...more
...ractices to really take hold? What are your thoughts on that? Aaron Dignan: I mean, it's an age old debate in our world, and it certainly comes up at The Ready from time to time. Which is, you know, do you work on changing the individual or changing the system. And in my view first of all, they're really har...more
...Lisa Gill: Yes, for sure. And what about your own personal perspective? Because, you know, you're a founder and a leader yourself, and The Ready is growing. What have been some of the challenges for you? And what have you learned personally about leadership and working in this way with others?...more
...what have you learned personally about leadership and working in this way with others? Aaron Dignan: This has been an interesting one for me. Because The Ready is the first time I've done this from scratch. So with my former firm, we kind of transitioned to this way of working from an older way. And that had...more
...entity as a community that's needed for something to kind of hold and to be a real thing rather than just a collection of people doing work. So with The Ready, what I've struggled with is when to step back and when to step forward to define that minimum clarity and define that minimum structure, and that mi...more
...his person's been here for five years. So they're the leader so I'll ask them about everything. There are definitely people who are very 'senior' at The Ready that you should not ask about certain things. And people that are very junior that you should definitely ask about others. So it's also about where t...more
...e lift of effort to make it happen. Now everybody can leverage it. So it's this great commons. But you know, there are 100 products like that inside The Ready in different stages of development. And if they're not fed, they don't go anywhere. And if you do an incredible workshop, and you never share the age...more

Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

...our first step, you don't need to know the whole path, right? Just a sense of what might be possible and a first step. And then there are things like The Ready, they have their Tension and Practice cards where you can start with a particular area, start experimenting or there's different schools of thought -...more