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Pasteur Byabeza on transitioning to self-management at Davis College

...Lisa Gill: Pastor, thank you for being here. I know that at Davis College you decided to use holacracy as a self management system. And I think many listeners of the podcast will be familiar with holacracy. But I think it w...more
... will be familiar with holacracy. But I think it would be really interesting if you could share with us what was the process of adopting holacracy in Davis College? How did you start this transformation? Pasteur Byabeza: Great. Thank you, Lisa. That's a good question to start with. For the last 11 years, what w...more
...t step was then to test that hypothesis. And based on the feedback we received with the early success of the new system in pilot circles, everyone at Davis College, and Akilah, was invited to transition into holacracy. That's how we disbanded the global cancer. We did away also with any formal or informal leade...more
...archical job titles. Pasteur Byabeza: That right, absolutely, absolutely. Lisa Gill: So what have been some of the biggest changes? If I had visited Davis College before you started this transformation process, and if I visited today, what are some of the biggest shifts? Pasteur Byabeza: You would see a lot, o...more
...ulture, or that environment. So, let me discuss the influence of African culture on organisation transformation. First of all, I need to clarify that Davis College can rightly call itself this - because it is an African organisation which serves African people, and of course, the majority of employee are African...more
...ess - because I know it's been a number of months so it's still fairly new, I suppose, in some ways - what do you hope the future might look like for Davis College? What things are you interested to keep developing and exploring? How do you think things might continue to evolve? Pasteur Byabeza: I will not say ...more